Celebrating 5 years since we moved
Little kids are adorable. And cruel
I love my kids but daaaamn a break sounds real nice right now
I quit twitter in December of 2022. My substack is my new twitter. I'm sorry / you're welcome?
"The Bear" and why it's giving me PTSD (#28)Listen now (9 min) | The new Hulu show "The Bear" is giving me all sorts of feels about the restaurant business
Can we not take that away from them too please?
Why I had to build a treehouse for my kids (#26)Listen now (7 min) | I somehow weave my little brother's untimely death, a treehouse, and an awkward peeing incident into a story. Let's see if it makes…
A run down of the crappy jobs I had in high school and why they were so important to me
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